Provide Care for a Differently Able Child's Pony

Goal: $ 10000

No of Donation: 170



Goal: $ 10000
Amount Raised: $ 6313
Remaining : $ 3687
No of Donation : 170
Category : Children
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Contact Number : 301-349-2161
Address : 17401 Conoy Road
State : Barnesville
City : MD
Country : US
Zipcode : 20838


At the time Personal Ponies Ltd was founded, there seemed to have been a very real lack of attention to the needs of young children with special needs and there was an absence of suitable small-sized equines bred just for them. Knowing that these children need attention and ways to feel empowered, Personal Ponies grew and is growing. Our commitment is that of service - most especially to those who need caring the most - the children who are differently able in our world.


Personal Ponies Ltd provides small UK Shetland ponies to children that are differently able. There is no charge for our services and not one of of our volunteers are paid a penny. As we head into our 27th year, there about 1800 ponies in our program scattered around the country with volunteers in almost every state sharing ponies with children that need a special friend. There is a special magic that happens when a small pony is paired with a small child that is indescribable.
Personal Ponies specifically benefits differently-able children by offering a small pony for life use at no charge. Our program is based on the concept of caring by enriching the lives of children.

Long-Term Impact

Personal Ponies Ltd touches lives and is a model for the future. Every community needs a program that asks nothing in return.The program grew from 2 ponies in NY to1800 in almost every state in the US with 1000s of volunteers touching lives.

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