Move 10 families out of poverty in Pitcairn in 1yr

Goal: $ 100000

No of Donation: 33



Goal: $ 100000
Amount Raised: $ 2155
Remaining : $ 97845
No of Donation : 33
Category : Education
Url :
Contact Number : 412-372-8680
Address : 450 Eleanor St.
State : Pitcairn
City : PA
Country : US
Zipcode : 15140


Pitcairn, in the Turtle Creek Valley, has been blighted by the closing of the railroad yards and other industries in the area. Through the years, the population of people living in poverty has shown a steep increase. A high percentage of Pitcairn residents are unemployed, without vehicles, and there are no employment opportunities within walking distance. This project will provide opportunity for 10 families to move out of poverty in 2011.


The Circles Initiative is designed to help low-income people in the Pittsburgh, PA area to learn skills and form empowering relationships to increase their economic stability and ability for future achievement. The primary target area is the "steel valley" where the collapse of the steel and railroad industries bottomed out the economy. The primary tool used will be the national Circles Campaign which has a proven track record for helping people move out of poverty ( Results to date have shown that for every dollar invested in this program, $2 is returned in the form of unused entitlement payments. In addition, there is an increase in community assets as these low-income individuals become tax-paying workers. These results are made possible through the encouragement and support of the Circles community.
Circles provides a hand UP to people living in poverty in the blighted Turtle Creek Valley of Pittsburgh, PA through specific education, strategic relationships, and full community participation.

Long-Term Impact

In 2011, this project will empower at least 10 families, giving them the tools they need to rise out of poverty. They are encouraged to share what they have learned with the next class.

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