Pogo Park's Outdoors for All: Renewing Richmond CA

Goal: $ 5000

No of Donation: 3



Goal: $ 5000
Amount Raised: $ 75
Remaining : $ 4925
No of Donation : 3
Category : Children
Url : http://www.pogopark.org
Contact Number : 5102155500
Address : 2604 Roosevelt Avenue
State : Richmond
City : CA
Country : US
Zipcode : 94804


“Would you please go outside and play?!” For millions of children around the country, playing outdoors is synonymous with a happy and healthy childhood. But for the children who live in the Iron Triangle neighborhood of Richmond, CA - one of the poorest and most violent neighborhoods in America - outdoor play is a forbidden pleasure. Gun violence, unleashed dogs trained to fight, men who leer and stare: all too often, this is what surrounds the children of the Iron Triangle.


Founded in 2007, Pogo Park is an entrepreneurial, grassroots, community-based organization in Richmond, California. We transform inner-city parks and playgrounds into enriched, natural, outdoor play spaces. Our mission is to transform lives by transforming public space. Many parks in low-income urban neighborhoods are dangerous, dirty and dull. Pogo Park's goal is to create a new model to redeem such parks, by working with local residents to transform them into places that actually work.
Outdoors for All is a project to transform a blighted urban neighborhood by working with residents to claim, envision, build, and operate a renewed Elm Street playlot, located in gritty Richmond, CA.

Long-Term Impact

Working together as paid staff members, local residents have spent the past two years surveying their neighborhood, enlisting community support, and developing the skills to design, build, and operate the Elm Playlot. Now, they're ready to build it.

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