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Goal: $ 40000

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Goal: $ 40000
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Remaining : $ 32657
No of Donation : 104
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There are young people all over the world who have meaningful things to say and ideas to exchange, but who lack the self-confidence, the communication skills, or the platform they need to make their voices heard. Worldwide, ignorance of different cultures leads to fear, mistrust, and aggression. To ensure a peaceful future, we need a way for the world’s youth to realize their potential to speak out and to learn from their peers around the globe.


Youth Journalism International connects teen writers, artists and photographers with peers around the globe, teaches journalism, fosters cross-cultural understanding, and promotes and defends a free youth press.
Help teens from around the world discover their voice, share their stories, build bridges across borders and develop lasting friendships with peers on five continents. Youth Journalism International provides teens with training, mentoring and group sessions to investigate, write, edit and publish stories for the world to see. With an online news blog, annual global media award contest and more, YJI ensures young journalists get the encouragement and recognition they deserve.

Long-Term Impact

By giving hundreds of students the chance to be published and work with peers across the globe, Youth Journalism International develops in them a keener appreciation for the world we share and the many links that bind us together. It provides them with the confidence to pursue their dreams. Many have gone on to become lawyers, doctors, teachers and journalists. They make a difference. YJI highlights the concerns of young people for thousands of readers and points the way to a brighter tomorrow.

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