Give a child a adventure trip

Goal: $ 4000

No of Donation: 6



Goal: $ 4000
Amount Raised: $ 410
Remaining : $ 3590
No of Donation : 6
Category : Children
Url :
Contact Number : 914-539-2589
Address : P.O. Box 417
State : Mt. Vernon
City : NY
Country : US
Zipcode : 10552


With crime rising to 80% over the national average we need to provide safe, affordable alternatives for our children. Health driven programs in schools are being cut. Our parks and recreational areas are being underutilized and face budget cuts and elimination as an affordable entertainment alternative.


The Future Society, Inc. is a Non-Profit, 501(C)(3), Corporation, established to provide mentoring activities for disadvantaged inner city youth and their parents. Our focus is on developing trusting relationships between young people, their peers and adults. My mission is to encourage our youth, and their parents, to think outside the box, try new activities, experience new places and most of all learn how to make decisions as a team, so in the future they can become great leaders
This project will provide a child with the ability to go on trips like hiking, fishing, white water rafting and kayaking, at no cost, in a time when such activities are rare in urban communities. We want to provide healthy, positive alternatives for our youth and show them positive examples of leadership. We are providing an opportunity for a child between the ages of 8 and 13 who would never get a chance to experience these activities and build teamwork and leadership skills at the same time.

Long-Term Impact

The children will be surrounded by volunteers from their community who are there to support them and develop positive relationships and counteract the negative images they might be receiving. We hope they will see examples in our volunteers that will inspire them to be future leaders. We encourage parental involvement to help foster positive memories for families and an experience they can always carry with them and reinforce what we are trying to accomplish.

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