A Residential Shelter for Adolescent Drug Addicts

Goal: $ 9300

No of Donation: 51



Goal: $ 9300
Amount Raised: $ 2610
Remaining : $ 6690
No of Donation : 51
Category : Children
Url : http://www.DanceToLive.org
Contact Number : 469-360-9616
Address : 9620 Rocky Branch Drive
State : Dallas
City : TX
Country : US
Zipcode : 75243


Drug addicted women and children need to be housed in a safe location. While there they need activities that expand their expectations of a new life. Movement therapy provides tools which they may use for the rest of their lives as outlets for pain and aggression. It is designed specifically for each population to aid expression through the movement. For some pain, there are no words. But we have our bodies which can tell our story.


Therapeutic movement allows children to express feelings when there are no words. Grants to non-profits allow them to provide movement programs that are designed specifically for children in their care. Movement is an effective method for a child to transcend the challenges of the moment & work toward emotional and physical wellbeing. It is a means of expression, connection, co-operation, an emotional outlet & source of joy for children with different backgrounds and physical abilities.
Drugs produce lethargy. That means for a female adolescent that she has no motivation to exercise, eats junk, gains weight and develops a body image problem which leads to low self-esteem. Learning to control the urge to use drugs is why the girls are at Nexus Recovery Center. To learn to control one's body movements, use the body to express what cannot be explained in words, and feel better about yourself in the process - those are the goals of Dance To Live!

Long-Term Impact

Drug addicted women and children forced to seek rehabilitation services are badly wounded personalities. When they are ready to re-enter the general population they need tools so they can make better choices. Movement therapy, used to express frustration, anger or joy, is easy to practice each day and a healthful alternative to drugs. We have already seen progress at Nexus. The girls asked us to bring a tape so they could take body measurements. We knew they envisioned future possibilities.

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