Sterilize 100 free roaming cats in metro Denver

Goal: $ 15000

No of Donation: 2



Goal: $ 15000
Amount Raised: $ 80
Remaining : $ 14920
No of Donation : 2
Category : Animals
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Contact Number : 303-202-3516
Address : 2600 West 2nd Ave, #8
State : Denver
City : CO
Country : US
Zipcode : 80219


There are an estimated 250,000 free roaming cats in metro Denver. Fewer breeding cats means fewer homeless kittens and a decrease in nuisance behavior such as fighting, howling, roaming and spraying. Once sterilized, feral cats live harmoniously in the community and die out naturally.


To humanely control the homeless cat population by providing spay/neuter services for feral and stray cats.
More than 24,000 cats were euthanized in Colorado shelters in 2009. Many of these were litters of stray and feral kittens. Trap-Neuter-Return (TNR) is the internationally proven method to humanely control free roaming cat populations. RMACA runs a community TNR program that gives the public the education, training and tools to address free roaming cat issues in their neighborhoods.

Long-Term Impact

Trap-neuter-return (TNR) saves taxpayer dollars as homeless cats do not enter area shelters. The more than 500 feral cat births prevented through this program enables shelter funds to be used for adoptable cats as feral cats are wild and will only be euthanized in shelters. A successful TNR program also makes for harmony between feral cats and the communities where they live.

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