Use sport to unite children in divided communities

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Goal: $ 10000
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No of Donation : 119
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Over 1 billion children worldwide live in regions affected by violent conflict, bearing the worst of its costs. These pressures most often manifest themselves through social segregation. Young people learn about each other through myths and stereotypes, producing adults steeped in mistrust and hostility. Resources supporting education and development are re-routed to security; opportunities for collaboration yield further polarization; and the status quo remains at a tenuous peace.


PeacePlayers International's mission is to unite, educate and inspire young people in divided communities through basketball.
PeacePlayers International uses the game of basketball to unite, educate and inspire children in divided communities. For the last decade, PPI has established high-impact sport-based educational programs around the globe in four locations (Israel and the West Bank, Northern Ireland, South Africa, and Cyprus), reaching over 65,000 children in the process.

Long-Term Impact

This year PPI will equip 4000 young people with the tools to understand and overcome conflict, enabling them to serve as leaders for peace in their communities. These young people, specifically drawn from areas least likely to embrace peace or coexistence efforts, serve as ambassadors for the change. Applying what they learn at PPI in their own lives, they draw their friends and neighborhoods into core constituencies capable of motivating society to take the risks necessary for lasting peace.

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