Rescue cats from being euthanized at local shelter

Goal: $ 60000

No of Donation: 1032



Goal: $ 60000
Amount Raised: $ 41270
Remaining : $ 18730
No of Donation : 1032
Category : Animals
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Contact Number : 469-222-7764
Address : P.O. Box 833723
State : Richardson
City : TX
Country : US
Zipcode : 75083


Animal Shelters are constantly overwhelmed by the sheer number of pets brought to them, resulting in 60% being euthanized. NBCR rescues cats from city shelters thus preventing their unfortunate fate. After they are physically examined, spay/neutered, tested and vaccinated, they are placed with a foster family until they are adopted. As a result of our adoption program, we have placed on average 200 - 300 cats per year into wonderful homes.


With respect and compassion for all cats, New Beginnings Cat Rescue promotes lifelong relationships between people and animals, providing foster care for each precious life until adopted into a good home. We strive to work with animal control and other rescue groups to save homeless cats in our community.
NBCR Volunteers adopt cats through online adoption sites and our PetSmart Adoption Center. The majority of pets relinquished to Animal Control are euthanized; sometimes the same day. Strays are usually given 3-5 days to be reclaimed by their Owner. If not reclaimed, they may be placed up for adoption. However, there are only so many cages so when they are full, pets are euthanized to make room for newcomers. NBCR strives to rescue cats from being euthanized and placing them in forever homes.

Long-Term Impact

Public awareness of the plight of a shelter cat has brought awareness to the general public about the consequences of not spay/neutering your pet. We encourage people to visit their local animal shelter to witness the severity of the crisis and to see all of the wonderful pets available that will soon be euthanized due to lack of space.

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