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Goal: $ 15000

No of Donation: 261



Goal: $ 15000
Amount Raised: $ 10407
Remaining : $ 4593
No of Donation : 261
Category : Animals
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Contact Number : 8152661342
Address : 824 Church St
State : German Valley
City : IL
Country : US
Zipcode : 61039


Small exotic pets end up in shelters because people cannot or do not want to care for them any more. Sometimes they have been abandoned or abused. Often by the time they get to the shelters they are aggressive, ill or elderly and since most shelters do not have space or the knowledge to care for these animals often they are euthanized if they are not adopted quickly. Through no fault of their own these companion animals are killed to make room for more desirable animals.


Critter Camp's Mission is to provide a safe, healthy, happy forever home to unadoptable small exotic and unusual pets. These animals are unadoptable due to advanced age, chronic illness, aggression and/or excessive fearfulness, generally from abuse or neglect. Many come to us from other shelters where they were to be euthanized. Our main goal is to provide care for as many of these forgotten pets as possible. Critter Camp's secondary goal is to educate the public on the needs of these pets for two outcomes. One is to help current pet owners provide better care of their pets, the second is to prevent impulse buying of these types of pets by creating educated potential pet owners. Critter Camp also has an Emergency Help Program where we assist pet owners in keeping their pets during times of crisis such as unemployment, health issues, house fire, and natural disasters. We may temporarily house the pet, provide food, caging or other supplies, and occassionally assist with veterinary care costs.
Critter Camp will save even more unadoptable small exotic pets that would otherwise be euthanized due to old age, chronic illness or aggression and give them a safe, healthy, happy life at our sanctuary; and care for the 300 animals here. We accept animals from all over the US, mainly in the Midwest. Many of the animals here live in free range colonies, some in small groups, & some are solitary. They all receive daily attention, excellent medical care, toys, treats, high quality food&loving care

Long-Term Impact

Even more Lives of small companion pets will be saved by coming to Critter Camp, possibly another 80 more that will take their places at shelters, and the 300+ animals already here will be cared for. Through our social media, and email newsletter we will continue to educate the public about the care needs of small unusual pets too.

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