Complete our roof and feed homeless dogs

Goal: $ 4500

No of Donation: 81



Goal: $ 4500
Amount Raised: $ 4625
Remaining : $
No of Donation : 81
Category : Animals
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Contact Number : 830-216-4620
Address : PO Box 494
State : Floresville
City : TX
Country : US
Zipcode : 78114


Our community is over run with unwanted animals. We have no animal control and no funded facility to help with the stray problem. Dogs are being shot every day because there is no place for them to go. Ranches do not want them on their properties and home owners don't want the responsibility of the dogs. We are a no kill shelter and have placed over 1,000 dogs in loving homes. This not only helps the dogs, it helps the community because they have no place to turn for help.


The Las Lomas K9 Rescue & Adoption Foundation, a non-profit organization, officially opened on June 9, 2000. The main objectives of the Foundation are to rescue homeless and abandoned dogs from Wilson County and the surrounding areas by: (1.) Picking them up off the streets, highways, and other deserted areas. (2.) Taking them from local businesses where they have been dumped and are unwanted. (3.) Rescuing them from homes where they are no longer wanted, or the owners can't keep them. (4.) Removing them from the local veterinarian clinics, where they would be destroyed if not claimed. (5.) Providing food and water, shelter, medical care, and routine health maintenance. (6.) Spaying and neutering to reduce the stray population. (7.) Matching them to responsible, loving homes. The Foundation was created in answer to a desperate need for K9 care and education in the Wilson County and surrounding area. Dogs are constantly being dumped, and are either starving to death or being killed by cars. There are also many dogs that are reproducing constantly because owners are not spaying & neutering, and these offspring are ending up on the streets as well. Many of these dogs are in need of medical care as well as food and shelter. While working toward the objectives of the Foundation, the dogs must be cared for and kept safe. Many of them are sick or injured. Arranging for veterinary care and paying for such services is a large part of the Foundation activities. Our program seeks out monetary donations, as well as donations of food and pet supplies from grocery and pet stores. STATISTICS Our shelter was founded on June 9, 2000, Prior to the Foundation's beginning, we were operating under the "umbrella" of the Dilley Animal Adoption Foundation, Inc. (DAAFI) and since October of 1998, with our small number of volunteers, we have rescued over 1,000 animals. We are strictly a no kill shelter. Many animals with high price tag disorders and lengthy recuperation time have been cared for and given a new life. All this has come at a high cost in personal funds as well as other privately donated money. K9 FRIENDS FOR LIFE---The Foundation believes these dogs are truly an important part of us and we take their lives and well-being very seriously. We search for loving, safe, and caring homes where the dogs remain as family. When you adopt a dog from us, you become part of the family. We gladly take back any dog that we have adopted out that isn't working out in his or her new home, for any reason, for life. In fact, we require the animals be returned to us if they don't work out in their new home. This way, the adoptive parents don't have to worry about what to do and we know the dog is safe back with us.
We won a grant from Pepsi to build a roof over our shelters but we estimated the cost too low and need more funds to finish our project. The small roof has been completed and is making an awesome difference to the dogs! It provides shade, protection from the rain, and makes living so much more comfortable for them! Please help us raise $3k to get this done! We are also in need of dog food, please help us!

Long-Term Impact

This project will have a life time benefit because once finished, this roof will be a permanent solution to the shelter problems. In the past, we have used tarps which are always blown away and in need of replacement multiple times a year. It isn't cost effective to continue doing this. A roof will last a life time. We are off to a great start in accomplishing this, we just need a little more help to get it done.

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