Rally to teach responsible pet ownership to kids

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Our purpose is to end euthanization of healthy and adoptable pets in the United States. Currently in Louisiana, 353 pets are put to sleep each day. The daily average for pets euthanized in our country is at a stark 11,000 per day. We are providing families and their children resources and education on key components to raising a happy and healthy pet. PEP! is aiming to reverse the number of intakes into our country's shelters and increase the number of adoptions.


PEP! The Pet Education Project is an education and outreach program to teach kids the key components to responsible pet ownership. Our PEP Talks are FREE 30 minute classroom presentations that covers topics like spaying & neutering, heart worm prevention, exotic pets, pet adoption, owner/ breed compatibility, and much more. PEP! believes that kids have the power to lower the 6-8 million pets that are euthanized each year in our country and to lower the cases of animal cruelty and neglect. It's through education that kids will grow up one day and make informed and ethical decisions and in turn lowering the statistics that run through our nation's shelters. Our main goal is to show kids the key components to caring for and raising a happy and healthy pet. Our PEP Talks, a free 30 minute classroom presentation, have proven to be fun and effective. We incorporate an engaging curriculum and lots of activities and prizes to keep kids asking for more. We encourage youth to be accountable for the creatures that come into their lives. Whether it be cats, dogs, rabbits, or an exotic pet; each creature is individual and we are here to show them that pets are not disposable. Imagine if it were possible for kids to understand the amount of work it takes to owning and caring for a pet? Imagine if they knew that their cute 8lb puppies would some day grow up to be energetic 80lb dogs? Or that their pets could have up to 16 offspring a year, which often end up in shelter to be euthanized due to overpopulation and inability to care for the puppies as they mature. What if our kids were taught these things early on? The end result would be turning the damage around that our past generations have neglected to do. PEP offers a meaningful solution to this problem. It is not a patch to mend the holes in our animal welfare systems. It is a long term project with an eager anticipation to empower kids when it comes to the proper care and responsibility of pet ownership. We are not seeking for these kids to turn into crunchy granola, animal advocates but instead we strive to allow kids to learn the basics of taking care of the creatures that are put in their life. Owning pets are not like owning toys, and sadly for too many adults and children it often is that way. Since March of 2009 PEP has set out for a journey. We have spoken to over 16,000 kids across North West Louisiana! Our program is quickly branching across the state and country. We are dedicated to sharing our message with kids allover this country. We know that in collaboration with other animal rescues and organizations that our footprint can make a mark. We at PEP! know this is for the long haul. Kids will be our future leaders and we need them to be the change and the voice for the unspoken. Ultimately my founding principle came from my time as a volunteer at a local no kill shelter. Day after day I heard the same story- a family who couldn't care for their pets anymore or simply, a family who didn't want to care for their pets anymore. I could only think that the kids would grow up to be like their parents, who just simply weren't educated on the importance of properly caring for their pets. I knew that the cycle would continue and we would be in the same position in 20 years. The solution was obvious, that education is key to changing any problem in a society. It's at the core for how we better ourselves. I know that not everyone has to be the animal lover that I am, but I do believe that people should know what kind of consequences come about when you don't spay and neuter your pets or how easily one person at a time can help reverse the over crowding in shelters. To fuel my passion, I take my lunch breaks our local Parish animal shelter. It's a sad place where over 8,000 animals are put to sleep each year. It breaks my heart to walk in and not see the same faces each day. In truth, it fuels my fire to continue PEP! I will not stop because it our pet's offspring in those cages, it's our neighbor's pets, it's your pet that went missing, and truthfully, they can all be great pets. They just aren't given the chance. Too many pet owners have fallen short with the animals that were entrusted to them. There is a false perception that when surrendering pets to the shelter that they are guaranteed to find a home, but we all know that is not true. A shelter is in no way obligated to find a home for a pet that one has seized responsibility for. Therefore, animals don't have choice whether to enter into a kill or no kill shelter or whether they can choose to be euthanized or not. It is the owner's. Education is how we will achieve. Capturing the hearts of kids for animals is how it will happen. We know that the United States of America will one day be a no kill nation. Thank you for letting me share my story with you!
PEP Rally Live is an interactive puppet show that captures the attention of audiences of all ages to cover the 5 simple steps to a happy and healthy pet. PEP Rallies are performed at schools or other large venues with young audiences of 100 plus. PEP Rally Live features a PEP Squad leader; and stars our very own PEPpets. PEP Rally Live incorporates comedy, music, special fx, and games to achieve a lighthearted atmosphere to subjects like pet care, spaying & neutering ,and much more.

Long-Term Impact

The future for the welfare of animals is dependent on those who will stand up for them. We are speaking for the voiceless. We are projecting a visible change in 15- 20 years across the nation's shelters. PEP will seek national recognition in the faces of kids everywhere. We are making a visible and easy solution through creative and non-threatening means. And by this, we are tapping into the hearts of kids so they will grow up and make informed and ethical decisions regarding pet ownership.

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