Give In-School Music Education to NYC Youth

Goal: $ 50000

No of Donation: 36



Goal: $ 50000
Amount Raised: $ 2038
Remaining : $ 47962
No of Donation : 36
Category : Education
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Contact Number : 212-972-4788
Address : 122 East 42nd Street
State : New York
City : NY
Country : US
Zipcode : 10168


Access to music education is often influenced by socioeconomic status, district lines and lotteries. In New York City, 59% of public schools do not have a full-time music teacher, and only one-third of 6th-8th graders reported receiving music instruction in 2012-13. Many children in at-risk populations have been left with either no music instruction at all, or access only to short-term or isolated experiences. ETM partners with inner-city schools to ensure every child receives music education.


Education Through Music (ETM) was formed in 1991 with a mission to promote the use of music in inner-city schools and schools in disadvantaged areas, as a means of enhancing students' academic performance and general development. At ETM, we believe every child deserves a well-rounded education: one that includes music both as a subject in its own right and as a means of supporting learning in other areas. ETM makes music education a reality for thousands of children who would otherwise have limited or no exposure to the arts, uses music instruction to strengthen students' ability to learn in all areas, and works to build schools' capacity to sustain programs.
Your support will help 20,000 economically disadvantaged children in New York City receive music education as part of their school day during 2014-15. ETM's NYC Partner School Program provides EVERY student with music class as a core subject. When children learn music, they gain self-esteem, strengthen their cognitive skills, and achieve higher academic performance, leading to better thinkers and lifelong learners. ETM works closely with school principals to create sustainable programs.

Long-Term Impact

By providing quality music education to 20,000 students and building support within school communities, this program will: provide students with musical skills and knowledge; support growth in students' self-confidence and self-esteem; support improved achievement in other academic areas; support community involvement; and increase the capacity of partner schools to sustain music programs on their own so that the benefits of music education can continue beyond the life of ETM.

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