Villalobos Rescue Center Hurricane Disaster Relief

Goal: $ 40000

No of Donation: 576



Goal: $ 40000
Amount Raised: $ 29610
Remaining : $ 10390
No of Donation : 576
Category : Animals
Url :
Contact Number : 504 948-4505
Address : Post Office Box 771127
State : New Orleans
City : LA
Country : US
Zipcode : 70117


When Hurricane Isaac hit New Orleans it was devastating to Villalobos' three pit bull rescue shelters. The dogs they care for in these shelters had to evacuate to temporary safe housing. Villalobos is struggling to keep all the dogs fed, dry and out of the heat while they work every day to rescue more dogs and pets from the water. The increased level of rescues has overburdened their current supply of dog food and crates and will continue too until these pets are able to return to their homes.


Our mission is to rescue and rehabilitate those that need a second chance without worry of being prejudged. We lean heavy on the "don't judge a book by its cover" motto and in doing so pair the most controversial dog and controversial man together with the hopes of teaching each other compassion, trust and hope for a new life.
Villalobos Rescue Center, America's largest pit bull rescue, cares for more than 250 pit bulls in New Orleans, LA. On August 27, the effects from Hurricane Isaac displaced more than 81 dogs. Your donations will have an immediate impact on helping to feed, care for and transport the displaced pit bulls safely to Villalobos or back to their owners.

Long-Term Impact

Before Hurricane Isaac hit, New Orleans already had a large number of pit bulls in need of homes and proper care. Now that number is growing and has expanded to all pets unable to evacuate with their owners. Until those animals are returned to their homes, Villalobos is caring for them. But without the proper supplies these dogs are subject to malnutrition and diseases, and they will continue to suffer. The Villalobos team desperately need your help to get their shelters back up and running!

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