JA Finance Park for 28 Phoenix Students ages 13-18

Goal: $ 500

No of Donation: 4



Goal: $ 500
Amount Raised: $ 542.5
Remaining : $
No of Donation : 4
Category : Education
Url : http://www.ja.org
Contact Number : 262-432-3646
Address : One Education Way
State : Colorado Springs
City : CO
Country : US
Zipcode : 80906


Unemployment for Arizona youth is very high, with jobs typically filled by teenagers going to adults. Also, work readiness and career training are no longer part of Arizona school curriculum due to the emphasis placed on standardized testing. Arizona has one of the highest high school dropout rates in the nation, with some Phoenix high schools showing a very low graduation rate of 65%. Beneficiaries of this project are 13-18 year olds who attend junior and senior high school in Phoenix, Arizona.


To inspire and prepare young people to succeed in a global economy.
After in-class curriculum, students attend a day-long trip to JA Finance Park working in a simulated economy. Students learn the importance of making good career choices; incorporating information acquired in the classroom. In the business park, students take on adult roles, receiving profiles with age, income, education and family size. Students utilize "businesses" to purchase items and create monthly balanced budgets, determining the impact of work readiness and career choices on budgets.

Long-Term Impact

It's been proven that students who receive Junior Achievement programs six times during their school career are 90% more likely to graduate from high school. The goal of our project will be for youth to develop attitudes aligned with high school graduation and 21st century skills that prepare them for success. In addition, JA programs improve student academic performance and achievement leading to increased graduation rates.

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