Help 5 Rescued Horses Become Therapy Animals

Goal: $ 6750

No of Donation: 76



Goal: $ 6750
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No of Donation : 76
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Contact Number : 941-626-6787
Address : 900 Spring Garden Ranch Rd.
State : DeLeon Springs
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Horses arrive at Riding Star Ranch from many different situations and our goal is to rehabilitate them and retrain them to be used as effective therapy animals in a variety of programs. Many horses arrive with health problems that need to be addressed before they can enter our training program. There are also many individuals who are in need of therapeutic programs in our community, including returning military veterans suffering from PTSD, at-risk youth and special needs individuals.


Helping humans through the hearts of horses. Helping horses trough the hearts of humans.
This project will enable 5 rescued horses to be trained and conditioned to become therapy animals. These animals have been rescued from unfit living conditions or situations and will be trained to become effective therapy animals and companions for retuning military veterans with PTSD, at-risk youth and special needs individuals. This project is dedicated to "Helping humans through the hearts of horses and helping horses through the hearts of humans."

Long-Term Impact

RSR has rescued, rehabilitated and re-homed 37 horses so far and have worked with 147 individuals in our therapeutic programs. We are confident that through this program, we will be able to re-train and place many more horses into a variety of therapeutic programs ultimately helping thousands of individuals throughout the United States. This is a Win-Win situation for both animals and humans and we plan to have a large impact in the therapeutic equine arena for years to come.

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