Hands-On Science & Technology AfterSchool Programs

Goal: $ 7200

No of Donation: 2



Goal: $ 7200
Amount Raised: $ 131
Remaining : $ 7069
No of Donation : 2
Category : Education
Url : http://lamakerspace.com
Contact Number : 213-632-9852
Address : 1933 S. Broadway
State : Los Angeles
City : CA
Country : US
Zipcode : 90007


Shop classes are being cut throughout Los Angeles Unified School District, and science labs are often under-equipped and under-staffed. Although junior high and high school students are learning basic science concepts in their normal school classes, but they often don't see how those concepts relate to the real world, and to their lives and possible future jobs. This project would bring hands-on, real-world knowledge & skills to over 100 Downtown Los Angeles youth through afterschool programs.


LA Makerspace is a non-profit member driven community space for makers, tinkerers and DIYers of all ages to create and collaborate. Our mission is to provide a place where kids can make and learn alongside adults and where members can work on their own projects while learning new, unique maker skills through our workshops, on-going interest-based programs, mentorship and peer learning environment. We offer affordable classes, access to equipment, and member work and storage space. Our volunteers, mentors and instructors hail from different backgrounds and skill sets, including: Software Engineers, Hardware Engineers, Artists, Scientists, Teachers, Filmmakers, Roboticists, Rocket Scientists, Librarians, Executives, Entrepreneurs, Moms, and Dads dedicated to the proposition that making things is essential to creating an awesome society. This diversity of talents and interests is currently reflected in our Board of Directors. This space is an experiment to bridge the gap between academia and the community-at-large, establish a peer-to-peer mentorship network, and give members the chance to apprentice into a whole variety of fields ranging from industrial design to data analysis. Success then will be determined by the number of our members, especially of school age, who we can help connect to outside research and apprenticeship programs in addition to the size and scope of the peer network we can build between our members.
LA Makerspace's science & technology after-school programs provide hands-on, project-based learning on topics ranging from climate science & local biology to robotics & programming, for over 100 Downtown Los Angeles junior high and high school students. These fun and interactive programs build core scientific knowledge, enable students to drive through their own learning, and bring curiosity back to education.

Long-Term Impact

These after-school programs will educate over 100 Downtown Los Angeles students in hands-on science and technology skills that are job-transferable. But even bigger than that, these programs will allow students to follow their curiosity, and to learn grit & perseverance. Scientific and technological endeavors fail most of the time - and that's part of the experience. The students in these programs will be able to learn from mistakes, not to be discouraged from those mistakes - to feel capable.

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