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Goal: $ 80000

No of Donation: 118



Goal: $ 80000
Amount Raised: $ 65555.2
Remaining : $ 14444.8
No of Donation : 118
Category : Education
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Contact Number : 2012905170
Address : 1349 W. Cheltenham Ave, Suite #202
State : Elkins Park
City : Pennsylvania
Country : US
Zipcode : 190273141


With budget cuts affecting schools across the Philadelphia School District, the call has never been greater for the optimization of existing resources. Understaffed and underfunded, schools need to be creative in how they render services to students in order to maintain and exceed the level of education in classrooms across the city. Therefore, rooms can no longer just be rooms: a floor and ceiling closed in by walls. They need to be a catalyst for belief, action, and inspiration.


12 PLUS is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization that empowers students from underserved communities to attain a post-secondary education by partnering with schools to build a college-going culture.
We use rooms for everything. Storage, Eating, Sleeping, Dancing. Too many rooms are just confined spaces that merely contain activity. But we at 12+ ask: what if they didn't just contain activity, what if they could spark it? Welcome to the PLUS Center. Through our PLUS Centers, we strive to carry out our mission of building a college-going culture all throughout Philadelphia.

Long-Term Impact

Last year, 12+ helped its partner school, Kensington Health Sciences Academy, increase its college enrollment rate from 11% to over 70%. These seniors entered our PLUS Center, dreamed of life beyond 12th grade, and dared to make these goals a reality. However, the impact of our PLUS Centers go beyond the numbers. From our Center, we aim to create a positive culture that permeates throughout the rest of the school.

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