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Goal: $ 10000
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No of Donation : 60
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Schools are focused heavily on science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) to develop 21st century skills in the classroom, but widening learning gaps and dwindling resources are making it increasingly challenging to reach every student. U.S. student achievement in mathematics and science is lagging behind students in much of Asia and Europe and the national dropout rate has reached epidemic proportions. Teachers simply don't have the tools they need to reach all their students.


Mission: Exposing the community, nationally and internationally to the concept of arts integration as a multi-faceted arts approach that seeks to affect all aspects of our life on a daily basis. Arts Integration as taught by Story Tapestries serves to develop the total person, social-emotional, intellectual and physical. Utilizing an arts integrated approach specifically tailored to the needs of each community, Story Tapestries teaches and demonstrates through performances and workshops the tools necessary for integrating the arts. * We will utilize and build upon a world-class network of artists, educators, and community members dedicated towards advocating and implementing the concept of arts integration. * We will expose audiences of children and adults to new, proven methods of arts integration through performances, installations and educational experiences produced and executed by Story Tapestries. Vision: Story Tapestries' purpose is to use the vehicle of the arts to establish a sustainable, national organization that connects and trains a world-class network of artists, educators, and community members. We seek to empower, educate and encourage children and adults to integrate the arts into all aspects of their lives. Lastly, we work with all of these groups to think about, question, reflect on, converse with and develop themselves and their local/global communities.
Every 26 seconds, a student drops out of high school. Education Week reports that average math test scores for 17-year-olds have remained stagnant since the 1970s. U.S. eighth-graders are outperformed in math by their peers in 14 countries. Our nation is in an education crisis and we must take action. By integrating the Arts into Science, Technology, Engineering and Math, Story Tapestries empowers teachers and engages every type of learner across economic, cultural, and emotional barriers.

Long-Term Impact

The strength of Story Tapestries' artist-in-residency projects is that we will not only improve math and science skills for those involved, but also help create innovative thinkers who have a desire to learn, who can logically think through and solve problems, and who are inspired to think creatively to help define our future communities. We introduce communities to using the arts in the classroom, in the library, and at home as a multifaceted approach affecting all aspects of child development.

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