Send 50 at-risk youth to college in Boulder County

Goal: $ 300000

No of Donation: 179



Goal: $ 300000
Amount Raised: $ 86048.95
Remaining : $ 213951.05
No of Donation : 179
Category : Education
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Contact Number : 303-444-3636 x 16
Address : 3012 Sterling Circle, Suite 200
State : Boulder
City : Colorado
Country : US
Zipcode : 80301


There are over 15,000 children living in poverty in Boulder County, creating a huge opportunity gap that too often perpetuates the cycle of poverty. The gap threatens development of core academic, social, emotional, and life skills. These youth are more likely to fall behind in school, resort to unhealthy behaviors, and drop out of school. The program creates a culture of college and career success for the youth, also impacting family members, peers, and schools in which the program operates.


Founded in 1990, the "I Have A Dream" Foundation of Boulder County is dedicated to motivating and empowering low-income children (Dreamers) to achieve their educational and career goals, subsequently helping to reduce high school dropout rates and halt the cycle of poverty. To serve as inspiration to forge ahead, each Dreamer is promised a last-dollar, tuition assistance scholarship upon high school graduation. The organization follows the national "I Have A Dream" model, which began in 1981 under the direction of philanthropist Eugene Lang and has included more than 200 sites across the country, with Boulder County's program remaining one of the largest.
This project will provide 10+ years of academic and enrichment support for 50 low-income youth--2nd grade through high school graduation. Students will receive literacy and math support, cultural enrichment opportunities, college and career preparation activities, and college scholarships. The ultimate goal is to empower and motivate these youth to graduate high school, then continue to and through college. 15 youth are waiting to be sponsored before this cohort of 50 can begin!

Long-Term Impact

The program increases graduation rates and college attendance rates for low-income youth, helping them break the cycle of poverty. These Dreamers graduate at a rate of at least 90%, compared to between 65% and 75% of their low-income peers, and at least 85% of Dreamers continue on to post-secondary education compared to 18% of their peers. The program provides opportunities for Dreamers to capitalize on their talents and aspirations, helping them achieve success in school and life.

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