Save Their Lives & Enrich Their Futures with Music

Goal: $ 2400

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Goal: $ 2400
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No of Donation : 27
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Students in impoverished areas have limited or no access to musical instruments and instruction. Their only chance may occur when we are empowered by you to bring the teacher, ukuleles and guitars to them in their own neighborhoods. It will take everyone's help to create opportunities that can save and shape their lives. Why? Because music engages children who otherwise are likely to fall prey to gangs, drugs and danger. They need opportunity, focus, passion and a place to play. We can help.


Since 1998, Guitars in the Classroom (GITC) has been inspiring, training and equipping classroom teachers to integrate music making across the academic curriculum through "song-based instruction" so students of all ages have educational, musical access & opportunity at school every day. Our work prepares educators to lead music, employing it as a dynamic tool for reaching all learners, teaching all subjects, and building character, creativity and community.Programs & materials are free.
In some GITC communities, life everyday is a struggle for survival. Children living in poverty and danger come to school seeking nourishment, safety and comfort. Their teachers go far beyond providing essential instruction. In these places, GITC teachers become life savers, role models, bringers of hope. What else delivers immediate help to the worried mind and heavy heart more than music? This microproject will empower GITC to bring special musical aid to 3 such communities.

Long-Term Impact

This work instills life-long love of learning & success and music! It imparts a permanent solution because teachers train and keep playing for years at school. All children are reached, including those in Title 1 and public school classrooms- GITC creates precious musical opportunities for everyone. This approach makes classrooms happier places, enables students to bring up their grades and test scores, schools get stronger, and teachers acquire an inspiring new way to do their best!

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