Train 24 Freelance War Reporters in First Aid

Goal: $ 24000

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Goal: $ 24000
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Remaining : $ 13567
No of Donation : 42
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Freelance journalists comprise the vast majority of reporters on the front lines of wars and other dangerous conflicts around the world today, and consequently make up the vast majority of journalist deaths and injuries. While staff reporters are often provided emergency medical training by their employers, most freelancers have not received any training before heading into a conflict zone. As journalists often travel together in groups, this lack of training puts many lives at risk.


RISC is dedicated to promoting the safety of freelance journalists in combat zones. We provide first aid training to freelance journalists working in all media - photography, print and broadcast - to mitigate the many threats they face to their physical security while on the job. Our name reflects our hope that freelance reporters trained in first aid will be able to treat not only their own wounds in the field, but also those of their colleagues, until they are able to reach professional medical care. It is our goal to make first aid training and preparedness an industry norm, like having a flak jacket and helmet, for freelance journalists working in combat zones.
Reporters Instructed in Saving Colleagues (RISC) trains freelance conflict journalists in lifesaving techniques to help them treat their wounds, and those of others around them, while on assignment in dangerous areas. RISC provides each graduate of its four-day course in Battlefield First Aid with a comprehensive medical pack to carry with them out into the field.

Long-Term Impact

The death of a conflict journalist affects us all - these are the people who bring depth to our understanding of government repression, of revolutions, of drug wars and brutal militias. Several prominent, dedicated war reporters have been killed in the past few years alone. Our training prevents unnecessary journalist injuries and deaths in conflict zones, allowing independent reporters to continue bringing reliable news to the rest of the world from dangerous areas.

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