2015 Sound of Hope Radio FM 96.1 Funding

Goal: $ 10000

No of Donation: 44



Goal: $ 10000
Amount Raised: $ 9300
Remaining : $ 700
No of Donation : 44
Category : Education
Url : http://www.bayvoice.net
Contact Number : 408-568-4488
Address : 333 Kearny St Fl 5
State : San Francisco
City : CA
Country : US
Zipcode : 94108


Running public media for a minority group is very challenging. Chinese media in the US have to bow to economic pressure and foreign government's pressure in order to survive and sustain. As a result, medias have to compromise reporting standard and carry out a lesser job that they should. Due to the same types of pressure, Chinese media has no resource or energy to produce purely public serving content. As a result, it hurts Chinese Americans, 90% of whom rely upon Chinese media for daily info.


1. Provide truthful uncensored news to people in mainland China. 2. Provide provide key information to Chinese Americans to aid to their settling down, adapt to and merge into American society. Help them learn and grow in America.
Sound of Hope FM 96.1 is dedicated to provide value and service to to Chinese Americans in San Francisco Bay Area. We are the ONLY non-profit Chinese public radio that was founded by a group of hi-tech engineers, who shared the same vision of creating a truth-telling, public serving and learning-oriented public radio. This is novice idea and can ONLY be viable through your support! We are running the first funding campaign in 2015 and wish to obtain enough fund to support this public endeavor

Long-Term Impact

Having a strong and stable public radio serving and protecting Chinese people in the US is a must for the healthy growth and smooth integration into America society. Not only Chinese people, but entire US society, will benefit from it.

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