"Defying the Odds" for Students in Newburgh, NY

Goal: $ 10000

No of Donation: 52



Goal: $ 10000
Amount Raised: $ 6051
Remaining : $ 3949
No of Donation : 52
Category : Education
Url : http://www.newburghsanmiguel.org
Contact Number : 845-561-2822
Address : 15 Chester Ave.
State : White Plains
City : NY
Country : US
Zipcode : 12550


SMAN is non-tuition driven and relies on contributions from individuals, corporations & foundations. Without intervention & advocacy for the whole child, low income students drop out, become entangled in gangs, drugs, & teenaged parenthood. Students arrive at SMAN up to two years behind in school, with lack of self-esteem, limited knowledge of the world & learning. SMAN is an oasis in their neighborhood, providing safety, role models, child/family counseling, experiences that transform lives.


Our Mission: San Miguel Academy of Newburgh is an independent, faith-based, 5th through 8th grade middle school for boys from under-served families residing in the City of Newburgh, New York. San Miguel Academy is part of a national educational reform movement which strives to break the cycle of poverty through education. San Miguel Academy provides boys with the tools necessary for success in their academic, social, and moral lives. We empower our students by focusing on educational achievement and character development as a means of self-efficacy.
San Miguel Academy's (SMAN) population is underserved males at highest risk of dropping out in NY's highest drug and gang filled city. SMAN is a 5-8th grade, 11-mo. extended 6 dy/wk program. Working toward healing the whole child is essential to the student's educational success. Place and Project-Based Learning, experienced outside of Newburgh, is a major component of our curriculum. Graduation rate is 100%, with 100% accepted into secondary & post-secondary programs through Graduate Support.

Long-Term Impact

Without intervention, less than 30% of these students would graduate from high school. The success is measured in that 100% of our students graduate from 5th-12th grade on time and 100% of our graduates have been accepted into post-secondary programs. The impact on the community of Newburgh is felt as these students have higher levels of learning and training as they become employed, productive members of their city. 140 families have entered the doors of SMAN and this # will increase annually.

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