Help Provide Access to Education for Survivors

Goal: $ 9050

No of Donation: 62



Goal: $ 9050
Amount Raised: $ 5765
Remaining : $ 3285
No of Donation : 62
Category : Education
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Contact Number : 3014372775
Address : 1031 33RD St Ste 174
State : Denver
City : CO
Country : US
Zipcode : 80205


Without education, survivors are unaware of human rights and lack moral incentive to hope for a better future. Because of the preconceived notion that they can't live independent of trafficker, he loves them or there is no way out, they may obstruct their own rescue efforts. Education keeps them informed, empowers them to shun captors and gives the ability to avoid risky situations. We have a moral duty to fight for victims and to hold each other accountable for this ethical duty to society.


To: inspire sexually exploited girls through the provision of education scholarships to aspire for economic freedom; engage community in awareness education for easy transition to communal life; and participate in policy and legislative process that help restore survivors, and protect vulnerable/at risk girls.
This project will provide education scholarships for tuition, textbooks, academic materials and vocational training for 4 survivors of sex trafficking. Sex traffickers prey on at risk and vulnerable girls ages 11-14. They are tortured if they attempt to run away. This atrocious humiliation and degradation of girls demands immediate attention because the more we turn deaf ears and blind eyes the closer to home we may find its victims. Education empowers survivors to become economically viable.

Long-Term Impact

Survivors have economic freedom, reduce the chances returning to sex trade, change attitudes and values. Survivors see perpetrators for who they really are, are fully aware of the power of social justice which help erase intimidation and fear of systemic victimization; learn to access criminal justice systems and social services; empower those without family ties; bridge the gap resulting from social disconnect; address safety issues that hinder transition; and keep survivors focused on freedom

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