Hearts 4 Kids Empowerment Project

Goal: $ 49500

No of Donation: 1



Goal: $ 49500
Amount Raised: $ 10
Remaining : $ 49490
No of Donation : 1
Category : Education
Url : http://www.heartsofepilepsy.org
Contact Number : 9018695790
Address : 3238 Players Club Cir.
State : Memphis
City : TN.
Country : US
Zipcode : 38125


Many families are struggling. With high unemployment, and more than 25 thousand students enrolled in the free and reduced meal programs, many parents are unable to provide the basic school supplies their children need to be effective. In addition, schools are facing severe budget cuts and lack the funding to purchase necessary supplies.


Hearts of Epilepsy Foundation is a registered 501(c)(3) non-profit organization dedicated to providing effective tools and programs to improve the quality of life for children and families living with epilepsy. As your Advocate, we developed a deep appreciation for the need for further ongoing collaboration to address epilepsy and specific needs within our community. We've learned that many who are living with epilepsy, lives are impacted by various aspects; involving the fear of seizures, the dangerous side effects, which can lead a person to abandon normal activities; such as, cooking, cleaning, or pursuing long-term goals. Use of life-management, such as living day-to-day life is always a journey. Learning to live a normal life with epilepsy can be a struggle, but with the right treatments and care, it doesn't have to control your life. Epilepsy affects more than three million Americans directly, and sixty-five million worldwide.
Hearts 4 Kids Empowerment Project is an easy way to have a profound impact on students and their learning experience. Make school a better place for both students and teachers by the simple act of providing school supplies.

Long-Term Impact

This Project will ensure children will start this school year with the tools they need to succeed. This Project will help teachers by providing them with proper tools for their classrooms so they don't have to spend money from their own pockets. By providing school supplies, you are supporting students, teachers and schools.

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