Bridge the technology gap for 1000 students

Goal: $ 25000

No of Donation: 115



Goal: $ 25000
Amount Raised: $ 5600
Remaining : $ 19400
No of Donation : 115
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Contact Number : 916-581-0101
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State : Elk Grove
City : CA
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High schools in California lack the technology to enable their students to learn in the ever changing technology arena. Students are taught materials provided in books but have insufficient hands-on learning opportunities. Many students need access to their own computers but don't have the financial means. This project will provide a virtual lab environment for schools where students can apply what they learn to gain skills that are demanded by employers.


Yellow Circle Inc's mission is to provide a free-to-use information technology (IT) platform for students to learn about the capabilities of cloud computing and IT infrastructures. The company's platform promotes increased learning by allowing students to apply their newly learned IT theories to create real world IT infrastructures in a non-production environment without having to worry about associated expenses. This cloud environment, further referenced as a "learning platform" will be provided through the company website without fees to users. By using this platform students can create, manage, and customize their own virtual private data-center. Each student will have access to deploy private networks, routers, firewalls, servers, appliances, load-balancers, storage devices and more. Students will increase their learning by implementing real world solutions by following guides and tutorials provided in company's "Educational Materials & Tutorials". The goal is to encourage and enhance learning through an online educational platform that provides hands-on experience without the associated cost of software, maintenance, or hardware infrastructure.
This project will bridge the technology gap that exists between schools and disadvantaged students. By building a cloud-based computer lab for high schools that lack the funding and staff, students will gain hands on experience with real world IT components. Yellow Circle labs promote increased learning by allowing students to build their own information technology projects without having to worry about costs. Students with financial needs will be provided laptops for use during their education.

Long-Term Impact

Students will become more proficient with technology infrastructure, programming, operating systems, and network components found in real-world data centers. Schools will be able to respond to the technology needs of students for at least three years and provides opportunity for students to engage with technology at early age. The experience and education gained in a Yellow Circle lab provides students with access to information technology careers that may otherwise be out of reach.

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