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Larry The Cable Guy Breaks Down In Tears Talking About Getting The Job On 'Cars'

By: In Depth with Graham Bensinger

In this interview on In Depth with Graham Bensinger, Larry the Cable guy gets emotional to the point he breaks down in tears speaking about how happy he was when he landed the voice role for Mater i...


Teacher Helps A Student Overcome His Stammer Using The Method In 'The King's Speech'

By: James Martin via

This is a heartwarming moment on the British documentary series "Educating Yorkshire" where a school teacher helps a student overcome his stammer. The teacher had seen the method used in the...


They All Have A Story

By: Rod Williams

I like boots. I have 14 pair, ranging from $1,600 handmade ostrich ropers with my initials on the side to a $49 pair of hiking boots. The funniest ones I have are a pair of old school western style po...


Angels In Disguise

By: Gayathri M

People feel that there exists a world called heaven where God and angels exist. According to some,heaven is a place where everything is perfect and there is no chance of the word "worry" com...


Job Classified Script Portal is best for Starting Your Own Online job Portal

By: sawati

Job classified script portal is a leading and most powerful readymade script portal. Script experts in developing custom based job script, this script has been contributing to the new & small entr...


Giving Life A Second Chance: Believing In Yourself And The Power Of Love

By: Annie G

I often think about how I got to where I am today and how somehow everything that has happened, big or small in my lifetime have made me a better, happier, wiser and stronger person. Now this is co...


PHL is 1st overall in 13th Math Competition in Singapore

By: The GNP Team under Campus Excellence

The Philippine delegation to the 13th International Mathematics Competition (IMC) held in Singapore placed 1st Overall, bringing home 245 medals. The massive medal haul include 33 gold, 66 silver, ...


4 Core Elements in Company Brand Identity

By: Armando Bartolome

A lot of businesses are so focused on their products and services that they sometimes forget about the company’s brand image.  But an effective visual representation of a company is impo...


How Denver’s Tiny Home Village Empowers the Homeless


A small community with a grand mission The Beloved Community in Denver is the city’s first tiny home village for the homeless. The village provides shelter for up to 22 residents (11 tiny hom...


The Most Usable And Advisable Courier Tracking Software Version 6.0

By: sawati

Courier tracking software version 6.0 is designed to give you, the smaller courier and your customers the benefits of conducting business online, much the same as the large delivery services, at a f...


Why I Value Family Above All Else

By: Annie Mark-Westfall

In my family, the value that reigns supreme is Family. This is true for the immediate family of my childhood, my extended family of grandparents, uncles and cousins, and now the family that I have cre...


Life Is Like A Journey On A Train


Life is like a journey on a train with its stations, with changes of routes and with accidents! At birth we boarded the train and met our parents, and we believe they will always travel on our side. H...


Learning Is A Good Thing

By: Rod Williams

Some of the best lessons I’ve learned were when I was on the ground looking up. Something put me on my butt, and it was up to me as to what to do with the event. I could stay on the ground and f...


5 Feel Good Hugs For Every Occasion


A loving embrace can go a long way. Hugging feel awesome and has even been scientifically proven to improve our mind, body and soul. There is no doubt that the embrace of another human being can im...


7 Tips to Be Happier Working From Home


Boost productivity by planning out your workday As companies go global and employees become virtual, more of us find ourselves working at home. Some find this is cause for celebration — no mo...


Love Has No Limits

By: Author Vivian D. Lewis

Showing compassion for others is the main ingredient for love and respect. ~ Author Vivian D. Lewis The weather was cold and the skies were gray, I drove down a long narrow road with Boris, my old ...


Best Multi Vendor Marketplace Script 2017 Preferred By Many Ecommerce Business Runners

By: sawati

The trend of online retail websites has now upgraded to high traffic e-commerce marketplaces where multiple vendors can operate their individual stores. The main theme of such markets&n...


When Yoga Is Not Enough - Just Add Goats


Find your center and hang out with goats There are some trends out there that are so different, they have to be experienced to be believed. Case in point: Yoga with goats. Yoga has long been - and ...


Free From Fear And Full Of Love

By: Joseph J. Mazzella

As I write this we have been disconnected from the electric grid for 4 ½ weeks now. On a routine inspection, the meter boxes that ran our home and the homes of seven of our neighbors were found...


Never Give Up On Your Life

By: Trel

Life can make you feel powerless, But never give up People can make you feel worthless, But never give up Friends can make you feel hopeless, But never give up Family can make you feel hapl...


5 Ways to Keep Employees Engaged While Learning

By: Armando Bartolome

You can’t build a business by yourself. You need other people—employees and staff—who can help you with the day-to- day tasks. But as you grow your business, you also want you...


Start Your Own Web Based E-commerce Platform With Ecommerce Shopping Cart Software

By: sawati

When it comes to building a multi-million dollar business, choosing the right platform can make or break the growth of your e-commerce store. The right features of an e-commerce platform can...


5 Types of Friendships You Need in Your Life


You can choose your celebrate them! International Day of Friendship is July 30 and this is a perfect time to celebrate those people in your life who know everything about you, make you...


Is Busyness The Key to Success?

By: Chinkee Tan

One of the most frequently asked questions I received from my speaking engagement is, “How can I become successful in life?” This is a fact: people who are goal-oriented, determined, pe...


Grow Your Business Entirely With Advance Uship Clone Script

By: sawati

In today’s digital age, the success of every organization, industries, companies etc. lies in its ability to respond to its customers in a timely and efficient manner. Organizations that can tra...


A Powerful Thought

By: Rick

There are two kinds of power, power over others and power over yourself. We automatically assume that having power means having power over others. Those who crave this sort of power have little person...


10 Nelson Mandela Quotes To Inspire, Motivate and Galvanize


If Madiba can change the world, so can you! Nelson Mandela was one of the great humanitarian icons of the 20th century, inspiring millions around the world with his determination, positive attitude...


Jacob Batalon is Spider-Man’s sidekick in Homecoming

By: under Entertainment Success

Spiderman’s sidekick in the new “Homecoming” movie is a Filipino who is debuting on the blockbuster screen with the new Marvel hero film. Filipino-American actor Jacob Batalon p...


Acupuncture could benefit women suffering from period pain

By: AFP News

New research on acupuncture has found that the traditional Chinese treatment could significantly decrease period pain, even a year after treatment. Carried out by researchers from Western Sydney ...


Uship Clone Script Help You To Find The Right Way For Your Online Business Portal

By: sawati

Due to high invention courier companies need a program to track customers that request a delivery, details about the package, and who will be delivering the package to the recipient.  In the earl...


Circle Of Life

By: Ndivhuwo Madzivhandila

Have you ever stayed silent for a moment and observed life? What I saw was a world revolving itself, literally recycling over and over again. Human shares their life experiences of which was t...


Moments Of Peace

By: Joseph J. Mazzella

The cable went out this afternoon. I could see through my bedroom window the white trucks parked next to the pole and the cable guys working on the line. I didn’t mind too much, though. With all...


These Pictures Show How Stunning Everyday Africa Really Is


Breaking down stereotypes, one photo at a time! “I never knew of a morning in Africa when I woke up and was not happy,” legendary writer  Ernest Hemingway famously said about perha...


I'm Just So Happy Things Are Going Right For Me

By: CxThrowaway73

I had a rough time growing up. Was bullied, parents divorced, didn't have any friends and turned to drugs; I lost control of my life and lost contact with loved ones. I was depressed for a long ti...


The Graceful Way to Handle Uncertainty and Challenges


Gracefully forge your way forward. There's a way of viewing the world that’s black and white. And then there's a way that sees the world in all its brilliant colors. We're wire...


Reason For Investing In Alibaba Clone Script That Can Make You A Millionaire

By: sawati

Alibaba clone script is the name with best practices in multi vendor e-commerce and blockbuster success in the e-commerce industry. It helps anyone from any corner of the world to have goods bought an...


7 Celebrities Who Are True Doing Good Ambassadors


These giving stars are something to look up to They say with great (celebrity) power, comes great responsibility, and these seven stars have embraced their platforms wholeheartedly. From UNICEF G...


How To Celebrate Good News When Your Own Heart Is Breaking

By: Hannah Rosenboom

We can do both. We must do both. For the sake of our hearts and the hearts of those we love. Welcome to adulthood, where no one is ever in the same life stage at the same time again. Childhood is...


Dear Strong-Willed Child, I Love You...

By: Jessica Johnston

Dear Strong Willed Child, Today we had many battles you and I. We had battles in the sun, battles in the sand, battles over popsicles, and a battle while I walked you screaming and kicking back to ...

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