Frozen turtles come back to life

Feb 13, 2016

Two frozen turtles in ice, which concerned the citizens of China, have now been unfrozen and are still alive.

China Xinhua News reported that the “heart-gripped Chinese netizens are finally relieved” after the two frozen turtles have come back to life, January 27, 2016.

On January 26, the Mail Online reported that pet owners in China were claiming that their water turtles are trapped in ice as the temperature in their places dropped below zero degrees Celsius, -47 degrees Celsius for some

Most netizens were posting on different Chinese social media platforms photos of their frozen turtles and asking others for advice, the Mail Online said.

According to a report by the NBC Learn, researchers discovered in 1988 that turtles, as well as frogs, freeze solid in winter but can produce glucose sugar — an antifreeze — which protects their organs until they thaw in warm temperatures.



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