Olaf, the former neighbor’s kitty finds his forever home

Feb 13, 2016

Paula shares her story on how Olaf found his forever home with her.

“Olaf came to me as a ‘teenage’ cat. He was my neighbor’s cat who would sneak into my unit to eat then wander off outside. I had advised his owners to get him neutered and keep him indoors for his safety, but it wasn’t their priority.


“Whenever Olaf saw me walking in the hallways, he would follow me home and sit among my (hissing) clowder of rescued puspins, expecting to be fed.

“Fast forward to several months, my neighbor suddenly asked me to adopt him because he was becoming ‘hard to manage’. Olaf was 10 months old then, so off to vet we went for his neutering procedure. His misbehaviors – spraying and marking – went away immediately.

“He still loved roaming though, so I bring him to Ayala Triangle Garden Sunday Parkday to expend his energy.

“Olaf is hardly the cuddly type compared to my other 2 girl kitties, probably because he had a different environment growing up. On random days that I wake up and feel him snuggled by my side, I take those few extra minutes in bed basking in his floofy warmth.

“Having Olaf in my life reminds me to savor every moment with our loved ones, cats and hoomans alike.”



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