When: Saturday, July 21 2018 12:00 am(Mid-night) to Wednesday, December 31 1969 12:00 am(Mid-night)

Where: York, PA, USA

Submitted By: Tony Sooth

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Painting your home brings new wonders to it, in fact, it doubles the beauty when the right color combinations are used. Hiring painting contractors in York PA is one of the best ways to get the job done perfectly. But there are some painting flaws that you should always watch out for because instead of beautifying your home they may affect it the more and reduce the value, they mistakes are: Painting the ceiling last Some people make this mistakes very well especially the do it yourself painters. If you will be painting both the ceiling and the wall of your house, it is best to paint the ceiling at first before painting the wall. If this is not done, drops of the ceiling paint will stain the already neatly painted ceiling. Painting of wet surface Another big mistake most coming is painting surfaces that are wet. When painting it is very good to keep the surface dry as much as possible, so after washing your wall, don’t proceed to paint it immediately until it is totally dry if this is not done the part painted will quickly start to peel or form blisters. Not using Primer Primer helps your painting have a sound surface to stick to, but some painter fails to use primer when painting, what is the result? The paint will either not stick or will not be as bold as it should be. When painting over stain or when doing repainting primer is important to help retain the color. Painting on soiled surface Most see paint as a means of covering up dirt and making the surface new again, yes they are not lying but that thought will affect how long the paint will last. When painting, it is important to wash the surface before painting on them. Sometimes the wall might not look like they need cleaning but still clean them. Your paint will stay longer and better if the surface is clean. Not using tape Your painting job might not be unique, it might end up sloppy and destroy the perfect color combination used. Before painting it is good to demarcate the wall with tape, you may put it around the window, the door frame or the other places where the clean and straight edge is needed. Painting of rotten wood Another common mistake most makes when they paint is the painting of woods that are rotten. Applying fresh paint to rotten wood will not stop the wood from spoiling, it is then important to remove and replace the wood before going ahead to paint it, other flaws on the walls should be patched up with compounds. Allow time for the compound to dry before painting on it. Committing any of these mistakes will limit the beauty of your new painting. Do you need the service of an interior painter in York PA? You may contact Brushwork Painters Interior Painting in York PA to get the perfect painting you desire.


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