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September 15, 2017
by Meghan Walsh
Florida, United States

As a parent, it’s your job to make to do everything in your power to make sure your children are protected and cared for, especially in times of emergencies or natural disasters.

However, when parents from Boca Raton, Florida, found out that over 70 foster children were displaced during Hurricane Irma and had nowhere to go, they knew they had to do something for the kids even though they weren’t technically their responsibility.

During Hurricane Irma, over 70 foster kids were left homeless after the foster care community, SOS Children’s Village Florida, that they call home lost power. “At noon yesterday, we got a phone call from the SOS Children’s Village Florida saying we need help,” Marc Bell said. “‘We’ve been evicted from our shelters and we don’t know where to bring the kids, and we’re not getting any help from the county what do I do?'”

“I said, ‘Bring them here,’” Marc Bell said. “They were hungry. They were tired. They lived in the gymnasium for a week. They hadn’t showered for a week and you saw how excited they were.” Marc and his wife, Jennifer, opened their home to the kids and made sure they were all happy and having fun. “We had manicures for the little girls,” Marc said. “We got Bobby the balloon guy coming later to entertain them. Yesterday during dinner, we had a singer come who plays guitar and sang songs with them.”

“They don’t have a mom or a dad, so they’re scared, and then their house parents, even though they’re there for them, they’re scared too,” Jennifer said. “So to have these kids feel welcomed and to just feel comfortable, as a mom it just makes you feel like you’re doing something good. It’s knowing that later on, these kids are going to look back and they’re going to want to help someone else.”


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