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July 08, 2018
by Tony Sooth

One of the extremely popular nursery rhymes, ‘Mary had a Little Lamb’, is loved by kids for the unique friendship between Mary and her lamb. Making use of a melodious voice and excellent graphics, this baby song is entertaining and joyous. Kids’ songs are funny and enjoyable for the little kids, as they see new things on the screen. It enhances their attention and interest quotient. They are eager to watch them over and over again.

Kachy TV Nursery Rhymes and Kids Songs have an essence of surprise, joy, novelty, and fun. ‘Mary had a Little Lamb’ depicts the love and affection between a school girl, Mary, and her cute companion lamb. As the lamb follows Mary everywhere all through the day, it shows the value of bonding. The lovely relationship between Mary and her lamb is worth watching, stressing over the need to cooperate and understand each other.

From following Mary to her school to sitting in the class, the lamb enjoys being with her every day. Seeing a lamb in school, all of her classmates find it funny, different and unusual. It shows their fun-filled reactions as a happy lamb stays with her happy buddy. But, allowing a lamb in school are is against the rules, hence it shows the reality that animals cannot sit in the classroom. Such baby songs depict true situations in a good way. Going against the school rules is incorrect, which is conveyed to the little kids. Finally, as the lamb waits for Mary outside the school, the entire depiction is fun and entertaining.

The interaction between the teacher and children presents the value of asking questions and finding answers. Their enthusiasm to know why the lamb follows Mary everywhere and knowing about the bond of love and affection between them is fun and emotional for kids.

The video brings their lovely bond to life. It touches the following aspects:

1. Bond of affection - Affection between Mary and her little lamb is cute, strong and impactful for kids. It teaches them about the value of love, dedication, affection, and care. As Mary takes care of her lamb, offering milk and being with her is amazing.

2. Rules in school - Though Mary loves her lamb, the school teacher cannot allow the lamb to be in the class. It shows the importance of discipline and rules in school. No matter how strong their bond is, the teacher cannot allow the lamb to disturb the kids in school.

3. Patience and dedication - While Mary studies in the class with her teacher and classmates, the lamb chooses to be patient and wait for her outside the class. The lamb does not disturb the class but waits for her Mary with dedication.

Uniting with her lamb, as Mary heads back home, it paints a wonderful picture.

With a melodious voice and rhythmic beats by the side, nursery rhymes for kids solve have the motive of spreading joy and cheer to little hearts.



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