92-Year-Old Tries To Order Food From Delivery Guy, He Obliges And Helps Her Out

Sep 11, 2018 | admin

A woman in the Philippines witnessed a delivery man's act of kindness for an elderly woman and posted the heartwarming story on her Facebook page.

Maris Mayol Tian wrote that she ordered food from fast-food chain Jollibee. After her order arrived, her 92-year-old neighbor called over the delivery man from across the street.

"So I just ordered my breakfast from Jollibee and my 92 YEAR OLD neighbor saw me with the delivery guy.

When lola saw him handing me my food at our gate, she called him over and asked him what he does... So when he told her he delivers food that she would want to order, she proceeds by enumerating her order ????

I honestly thought he would just ignore her, laugh and be on his way, but he actually took out his own cellphone, dialed a number, and ordered for her!!!

There was a time when I hated Jollibee's delivery service because they messed up a few times, but now I think I'm going to order more delivery from them."

The Facebook post now has over 330,000 likes and 50,000 shares.

Tian added that the delivery man, identified as Elpegie Palmares Sicor, reached out to her on Messenger after the post went viral.

"He was praised at work by his manager and his co-workers. He said thank you. He can't explain the feeling, [he's just] very humble," Tian told Coconuts.


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