A Minister And A College Student Answer Each Other's Prayers

Sep 29, 2018 | admin

A minister recently went through a crisis of faith. But last month, he was at his day job when a note came down from the heavens.

Although no one knew it at the time, minister Jerome Jones of the Springfield Baptist Church in Monticello, Georgia, recently began questioning his own faith.

"I was getting ready to stop coming to church," Jones said. "I didn't see God doing anything for me."

But while working his day job with a power company, he felt God sent him an answer to his prayers. Jones found a note that was attached to three balloons.

The note read:

"God, help me go to college… please help me get everything I need to leave Wednesday.

- Mykehia Curry"

Mykehia was about to start her freshman year at Albany State University in Albany, Georgia. No one in her family had ever gone to college, which is why she sent up that prayer – scared and worried.

Jones said he had $125 to his name when he found the note. And he spent it all on Mykehia.

He bought her a comforter and a mini-fridge, but most importantly, a ton of much needed inspiration.

"It encourages me to keep going knowing that prayers are answered," Mykehia said.

Likewise, Jerome also has renewed faith. A good reminder that sometimes the best way to get your prayers answered is to answer someone else's.


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