Mother's Instinct Saves Hiker She Met On The Pacific Crest Trail

Nov 12, 2018 | admin

A mother's hunch helped save a hiker's life on the Pacific Crest Trail.

Nancy Abell met Katharina Groene on the trail in Washington State a couple of weeks ago. During their brief meeting, Katharina mentioned to Nancy her plan to continue hiking alone up to the Canadian border.

It didn't sit well with Nancy.

"She was from Germany. She had no idea what she was getting into," Nancy told CBS News. "In fact I told her, 'If you were my daughter I wouldn't let you do this'."

That was the last she saw of her.

For the next seven nights, Nancy couldn't sleep at night.

"I was really stressed out. I felt really compelled that I really needed to get help for her," Nancy said.

Nancy called 911 to report a hiker who was "probably at risk."

The Snohomish County Sheriff's department searched the mountains where Nancy suggested. They found Katharina, frostbit, with maybe a day to live.

The rescue crew said Nancy saved Katharina's life.

Katharina said the reason she was on the long hike alone was because she'd given up on people. Nancy restored her faith in humanity "in a really big way."


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